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With Digipool, Gridsoap and Yumisoap, FEA offers innovative and sustainable products that ensure pool owners can enjoy warm water all year round, regardless of the weather outside. Our high-quality products are not only efficient and reliable, but also contribute to a greener future.

At FEA, we constantly strive to improve and innovate our products and services. For example, we pioneered the first biodegradable cleaning agent for heat pumps, Gridsoap.


Digipool, Gridsoap, Yumisoap


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Digipool - The smart heating solution

Heating your pool or spa all year round! The pioneering technology of our intelligent heating system based on a heat pump coupled with an indoor unit guarantees affordable indoor and outdoor swimming pleasure 365 days a year. Even in winter!

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Gridsoap - The first biodegradable cleaning agent for heat pumps

Saving on your energy bill? Yes! Cleaning your heat pump with GridSoap increases efficiency, protects the fins & reduces the risk of ice formation.


Yumisoap - The first biodegradable cleaner for air conditioning & dehumidification systems

Your air conditioning & dehumidification systems also like to stay clean. By cleaning them with Yumisoap, you guarantee optimum operation. 

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